1-on-1 Coaching with CEO (5 Hrs)

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Schedule 5 hours (of time) with eCom Capitals CEO and build a business blueprint specific to your situation for rapid growth.

Sasha will coach you on the specifics of your business to quickly resolve the most pressing issues and drive growth. His coaching covers areas such as strategic planning, market analysis, sales and marketing, financial management, team building, operations optimisation, and customer satisfaction. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of your business and the strategies needed for success. Sasha's past coaching has led to over 100% growth in just one month of implementing the strategies unpacked in a singular 60 minute session. On these calls, Sasha and you will:

Unpack the specifics of your business and begin to analyse the hottest burning fires (problems) that can be resolved quickest, allowing your business swifter returns and growth.

Explore and examine the reasoning behind failures of previous strategies or tactics that have yet to yield the results that you want.

Develop an implementation plan with the key people that are to be held accountable to the success of your business and create contingencies that actually work.

Deep dive into you, and the key things that are going on inside your mind. Explore your own perceptions of yourself and what you believe is achievable, as well as any unknown obstacles that may be holding you back and hindering your business and its growth.

Wrap up every call with a clear and concise understanding of the precise actions you need to take to drive the growth of your business. In an environment of uncertainty and scattered attention, having a clear and confident plan will give you the direction and focus needed to achieve the success you deserve.

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Ready, Set, eCommerce!

eCom capital is a world leading bespoke eCommerce firm, with three major devisions, helping people Start, Grow and Invest into eCommerce.

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Helping people start and scale their brand to 10k/m in 90 days or less through video training and coaching.

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Helping brand owners take their business to the next level through a done-for-you long term consultative service.

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Helping accredited investors diversify their asset class through the digital world of eCommerce.

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