Marketing Strategy Call

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Marketing is a crucial division of your business and the key to driving sales growth.

Discuss your current marketing situation and develop a personalised plan to take your brand to the next level. This will include a focus on improving your brand and creating a more compelling offer. We will work together to discuss your marketing strategy and create a plan that includes the following:

Specifics to take your brand to the next level

General Offer Creation

Consultation on Systems

Creative/Marketing/Branding Consultation & Assistance

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Ready, Set, eCommerce!

eCom capital is a world leading bespoke eCommerce firm, with three major devisions, helping people Start, Grow and Invest into eCommerce.


Helping people start and scale their brand to 10k/m in 90 days or less through video training and coaching.


Helping brand owners take their business to the next level through a done-for-you long term consultative service.


Helping accredited investors diversify their asset class through the digital world of eCommerce.

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Tim O'Connor

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